Today, I am going to write about jane iredale’s mineral make-up line. As I have written in the past, we at kai the med spa test every single product that we bring into our spas. By test, I mean we set specific parameters for the products, use the products ourselves for extended periods of time and evaluate our research. Then and only then do we decide to introduce a product or service into our spa.

One of the products that made it past our testing is the jane iredale line of skin care makeup. With a multitude of mineral make-up choices, we found that jane iredale uses the highest grade of minerals and has the greatest selection of colors. As every woman knows, make-up is one of the hallmarks that make us feel like a woman. Make-up when applied correctly can make us invincible and applied incorrectly can take our self confidence away.

Even the finest make-up applied correctly can produce adverse reactions. How many times have you tried the “latest and greatest”product only to wake up the next day with swollen eyes, puffy checks and cracked lips? Unfortunately this

More colors for your enjoyment
More colors for your enjoyment

$200.00investment has just found its way into the garbage can. I can tell you this has happened to me more times than I care to admit.

This is where the jane iredale line comes into play. Yes, this line has all the complimentary colors based on your skin type and has a full line of products for all your needs. More importantly though, this line offers benefits that most lines do not. These include: LOW allergy risks (because of the minerals used), provides UVB and UVA protection up to SPF 30, is an anti-inflammatory (it actually soothes your skin), offers complete coverage of an array of skin conditions (you know what I am talking about), contains no talc AND is non-comedogenic (which means it wont block your pores).

Now you know why we brought jane iredale into the spa!!

If you are one of the millions of women who want to look great but are frustrated with the grade of products on the market today, stop by one of our three locations in Sandy Springs, Johns Creek or Alpharetta, GA and we will be more than happy to introduce you to the jane iredale line.

In addition, one of our staff will answer any questions you have about skin care and make recommendations based on your specific skin.

We know you will enjoy it as much as we do and will be happy with the results it provides.

Colors you can use and enjoy!
Colors you can use and enjoy!

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Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and we look forward to seeing you.