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:: philosophy ::


“kai” is a Hawaiian word which means”a body of water.” Water symbolizes peace, calmness and serenity in our spa atmosphere. In other languages, kai means “to make a change” and “to be healthy.” We hope to make a healthy change in your life on the outside and thus inside as a result. When your outside appearance is enhanced, your self-confidence increases. And that is our ultimate end result. Our medical spa is a fusion of medical grade products and services to provide results-oriented treatments within a spa setting. These medical strength products are stronger than the ones that you will find in department stores and other venues. Therefore, you will achieve better results in a shorter time period. In regards to our equipment and products, we extensively research the latest items out there. We will only provide the ones that are reliable and ones that will not be harmful to our clients in any manner. We hope to gain your loyalty by sharing the best and safest technology and products available to you.


    :: frequently asked questions ::

Q.  What is a medical spa?

Technically, it means that a medical doctor is involved with the spa.  Because the doctor is involved, we are able to offer medical/pharmaceutical grade products and equipment for services.  The benefit to our client is that you will get faster results.

Q.  How is “kai – the medical spa” different from the other medical spas or even other spas?

There are several factors:

  1. As the owner, I like to approach everything from the client/employee point of view.  In other words, how do I want to be treated in that situation?  I always try to put myself in that person’s shoes and then make decisions accordingly.
  2. Other places may take the vendor rep’s opinions and not actually test out the product.  At Kai, we are constantly researching the products and machines out there.  First of all, we do that to know if the product/equipment will really deliver what the company claims to deliver.  Secondly, if it does provide results and I decide to bring it in, then I want my team to know what to expect because someone or several members of the team have tried it.
  3. Lastly, educating the public is a big focus of mine.  So many people do not know what is true or false.  I believe in educating people by offering complimentary consultations.  Many times, people know what they want to look like, but do not necessarily know which services or products to use to achieve desired results.  I do not feel like anyone should charge to help someone figure that out.  Other ways we educate: lunch and learns; evening events that mix learning with wonderful appetizers, networking and wine; etc.
  4. I believe strongly in giving back and supporting your community. We donate to silent auctions of schools and charity organizations; contact us for more information.

Q.  Grace, I am leaving in 2 days to go on a whirlwind romantic weekend and I want to look my best.  Any suggestions on spa treatments that will make me look younger in such a short amount of time?

That is not much time, but there is plenty you can do. It really depends on your skin condition, but typically a microdermabrasion is usually a good place to start and see results.  This is a breakthrough skin resurfacing treatment that leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s skin.  It smoothes fine lines and lifts the dull skin giving you a younger more vibrant look with a warm rosy glow that lasts a full week. You can also do a customized airbrush tan for that “safe” and healthy glow.

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