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I love everyone at Kai. Kai is an awesome local Sandy Springs beautification location! Why go any further…when they can do it all…microdermabrasion, peels, injectables, products, etc…go Kai!!! Love ya Grace!

Veronica Shaughnessy

I’ve been going to Kai for years. Cari is amazing (Cathy and Grace as well :-).)  She spends time to understand your skin care needs and recommend appropriate treatments. They use only top grade skin care products. Warm and friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for personalized skin care! Love you guys!

Michelle Shade

Hey Grace! I do need to come by and get facials from Kai. I just got one at natural body & spa b/c it was close to where I live (brookhaven). They were ok but I enjoyed yours so much better. I’m hoping to do them quarterly to “maintain” Smiling face (black and white).

Caroline C.

Sonya’s facial and Kai – The Medical Spa:  “Better than the Venetian’s Canyon Ranch in Vegas!!”  Jason 9/29/12

Genevieve’s massage:  “Best massage I have every had!  I have never had anyone massage the area near the arm pit.  Never knew how much that relieved my pain…”  Cathy 9/28/12

Genevieve’s massage:  “Best massage I’ve EVER had…very relaxing yet therapeutic.  Really listens to what you want/expect from massage.  Very professional & warm.  Would definitely recommend to family & friends.”  Sonya

Genevieve’s massage:  “Loved her spirit.  She has an amazing touch and is very knowledgeable.”  Cari

Excellent Service and Massage!

My massage (from Sandra) was probably the best that I have had.  I greatly enjoyed her technique and professionalism.  I will be back!  The overall spa experience was excellent!

R.L. Douglas 

Sandra’s massage was terrific!  Took me to another world.  It was so wonderful to just “BE” for a while.  Thank you!  C.R, 12/13/11

Anyone who is experiencing daily aches or chronic pains of any kind should consider this simple, non-invasive technique (Bowen Work) to help steer their body in the right direction.  Sandra has been a blessing in my life and she is the ultimate professional. She is very caring and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the application of Bowen Work.  I would recommend her to anyone       – Josh McCormick 9/30/10

Good morning Grace,

I hope this finds you and Kai Med Spa doing well!  For me personally – I love to come in and have a massage with Amy.  Recently, while in New England I had a massage at a rather high end spa in a Seacoast port city.  The service was great, the spa was beautiful.  However, the massage paled in comparison to Amy’s.  She knows how to hit the “spots” where tension lives in the body and can move the stress right out of you.

Jackie Robinson, Johns Creek

My first spray tan experience was GREAT!  I was really nervous about going too dark but the technician gave a great explanation of colors, my end color was just as she described.  I was also concerned that the product would smell but there was none.  I will definitely be back for more color.  Everyone at Kai was friendly and professional.

Gina, Atlanta

“… the BowenWork has achieved results for me that more than 5 years physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic… even surgery failed to deliver for back pain/disc relief.” – Dale

“… heartfelt thanks for all BowenWork has done for me physically… healing and pain reduction in my knee… and emotionally there was an incredible transformation.” – Tom

Dear Grace,

I am emailing you to let you know what a wonderful & blissful experience I had at Kai today!

You actually booked my appointment for me for a 12 noon head and scalp massage after giving me information on Latisse over the phone.

First, I love your reception area, bright, welcoming, comfortable and unassuming.  I was greeted in a manner where I truly felt welcome.

(I’ve only been to Spa Sydell – and never felt welcome there or that my business was appreciated).

Not the case at Kai!

I really appreciated that there are forms to fill out for medical history AND that the massage therapist truly paid attention and read mine.  I was greeted by Sandra for my head and scalp massage and she was kind enough to spend 5-10 minutes discussing some medical problems that I have had for the past 3 months – I am SO impressed with how in tune she was and that she really wanted me to get the most of out my time at Kai today.

We decided on a 30 minute massage instead of head and scalp only.

Grace, it was the BEST massage I have ever received in my life!!  I love the massage room – so clean and tranquil, warm and soothing. My joints and bones are very sensitive so you can imagine how delighted I was to slip into a heated massage bed with such soft and cozy blankets. I was in heaven!!

The massage itself was perfect – Sandra asked what kind of pressure and I requested light. It was just perfect.  It did not hurt me at all but soothed my mind, body & spirit.

My only regret is that I did not discover you sooner!!  Spa Sydell has been deleted from my cell phone!

I promptly made another appointment with Sandra for a 60 minute massage next Saturday. I can’t wait.  I also received information on Botox from the front desk staff and I will be taking advantage of the special pricing on May 4.

Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback; I am really impressed with all your staff and your beautiful spa! What a breath of fresh air compared to my other spa experiences in the Sandy Springs area.

Warm regards, Karen


Ellen Williams Says:

I was eager to try a new spa recently and found Kai. I have had a facial, spray tan, and eyebrow waxing done at Kai all of which were fantastic experiences! The spray tan lasted for a week/ streak free., the facial cleared my skin up immediatly, and the eyebrow waxing was perfection! I could not have been more pleased!

kargg Says:
December 18, 2009 at 2:44 pm

treatments great for problem skin, excellant customer experience

Barbara Lacy Says:
December 2, 2009 at 7:39 pm

I love Kai Medical!

Genevieve M Says:
November 19, 2009 at 5:40 pm

Kai is an amazing spa ! The faculty is so clean, calm and chic. I have been so impressed with the staff, they are great and helping me accommodate my appointments, and the technicians are amazing- very skilled, patient and gentle! I have had a variety of services done with miraculous results. I highly recommend this spa and will continue to be a loyal client and friend.

Degi D Says:
November 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm

I got the best scalp/neck/shoulder massage from Rachel the other weekend! It took away all my sinus headaches and relieved the tension in my shoulders. I’m hooked!

Christy C Says:
November 11, 2009 at 3:26 am

I have been getting my skin care products at Kai Med Spa and have always been impressed by their knowledge and incredible customer service!!

When I started going to Kai earlier this year, I hadn’t had a facial in over two years. Cari analyzed my skin and determined a proper treatment plan, including a cycle of peels and microdermabrasions and the appropriate skin care products. What a vast improvement! My skin hasn’t looked or been this healthy in years. I unequivocally recommend Kai Medical Spa. Not only is the environment pleasant and relaxing, but the staff is genuinely friendly, professional, and helpful.

Pros: effective treatments, great results, customer service

Alane Lintner

I have been a client of Kai John’s Creek since it’s opening.  Kelly was the reason I went to Kai, having followed her from her previous place of employment.Kelly’s skincare services and product knowledge are far superior to anyone else I have encountered since relocating to Atlanta from Los Angeles.  Having suffered cystic acne as a young adult, I have been following a comprehensive skincare regime for many years, and was so relieved that I could continue my treatments all at one location – Kai.

Grace, you have done a wonderful job creating a spa with staff, services and product that are leading edge in the medical spa industry.

Best of luck for continues success!

Diane Baade, Johns Creek


I wanted to share with you my thanks again for the great massage today. Rachel ran me through the gauntlet but I loved every minute of it.  I’ll hit the Jacuzzi in a bit, and I should be good to go for the trip tomorrow.

I appreciate you stopping by beforehand too–you rock.  Love the personal attention at kai!

Thanks and see you soon!

Kyle in Alpharetta

I went to the Sandy Springs medspa today and got a customized airbrush tan.  I was hesitant at first, but my friend suggested Kai…I LOVED IT! I can’t wait to come  back and get it again. As a matter of fact, I am still really tan from it and it’s been over a week that I’ve had it now. Cari was terrific. Thanks so much Grace. J Lindsay Kling, Communications Manager

 “I just wanted to let you that I went and got my spray tan today at your Windward location.  Melissa answered all sorts of questions for me, and she did a wonderful job giving me some color.  I stopped by the office to do a few things and all the girls here are raving about how good I look and how they want to do it now.”  Lindsay Caye

I met Rachael, Sheri and Grace at the Golf Club of GA.  Kai – The Medical Spa was a sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Member/Guest tournament.  They were offering complimentary chair massages, so I decided to get one.  I have had impingements on both rotator cuffs, since a snow skiing accident over 25 yrs ago.  Needless to say, I was shocked that the pain went away after the 10 mins of massage from Rachael.  I was ecstatic!  I told all of the golfers and my golf game was much better too.  I only wish that I lived here locally, so that I can visit Rachael regularly.

-Ron Steinmann, Long Island, NY

Hi Cari!
Per our conversation yesterday regarding Fraxel results, I would have to say I noticed immediately after my first treatment, the noticeable difference in the improvement of lines around my eyes.  that was VERY impressive!
See you soon!

I have been a client at Kai at the Johns Creek location since
its opening. The skin care I have received from Kelly is always customized to my particular needs. I have experienced other spas in my travels to resorts all over and no true facial has compared to that which Kelly provides. It is because of her extensive skin care knowledge and her ability to tailor the treatment to the needs of the customer that I decided to ask Kelly about laser-hair removal. The process and technique used at Kai was perfect for me – painless and quick with almost no downtime. I have recommended it to anyone who will listen. It is truly one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I love the combination of treatments I receive from Kai and the quality and care Kelly shows for her clients.-Pamela / Johns Creek Customer

“The Fantasy Tan is the answer to a prayer for brides. Having used other types of spray tans in the past that I wasn’t satisfied with, I, of course, was a little skeptical about testing this out just days before my own wedding. Since I’ve been a client at Kai for more than two years, I trusted their team to give me the natural glow that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on my own—in or out of the sun. If you’re fair like me, and can’t seem to find the time to bask in the sun before your wedding, the Fantasy Tan is an easy, quick and affordable solution—a must do on your wedding checklist.”

-Andrea Mickelson

There are two things I absolutely love at kai.  From a procedure point of view, the Fraxel has produced the most effective results I have seen.  I have struggled with acne a large portion of my life, which had left some scarring behind.  Yes, I said HAD just after two months of my first Fraxel treatment all the scarring on my right cheek was gone!

From a product stand point, after two day of use of the TNS essential serum, I received four compliments on my skin.  I ended up buying one for my mom.  The first morning she used it she text me later that day with, “Is it possible to see results after just one use?” This is a must buy!
-cari griffin

medical esthetician @ kai sandy springs
I am the lead medical esthetician at kai – the medical spa in Johns Creek.  I have had problems with my left wrist for years.  I’d had a previous injury to the area and have had issues since.  In my profession, your hands are your livelihood and dealing with pain and swelling on a daily basis was getting to be a problem.  I spoke to our acupuncturist, Mark Schwartz about my wrist and all the problems it had been giving me.  He suggested I have a session with him to try to alleviate the pain and discomfort I was experiencing.  I had an hour session, which he focused on my wrist and also some relaxation.  I got off the table and literally felt like I was floating…I couldn’t even feel my wrist!!!  Over the next few weeks, my wrist started to feel better and better, swelling was subsiding and the pain was virtually gone.  I am now about 3 months post treatment and have absolutely no problems with my wrist…no pain…no swelling…amazing!!!
-kelly rhyan
medical esthetician @ kai johns creek

“I have had two Fraxel treatments and the results are amazing!  I no longer have acne scarring, it helped my fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and the collagen production has firmed my face and neck.”
-cathy dignan

I have been client of kai for the past four years prior to joining the management team in April, 2009.  My first visit was just after my 40th birthday and my skin was definitely starting to say “I’m 40”.  I had sun damage & melasma due to years of unprotected sunbathing & birth control pills.  The fine lines around my eyes were now officially “crow’s feet”.  Cari, the Medical Esthetician at the Sandy Springs location, gave me an in-depth consultation and we developed a skin-care plan of action to address my concerns.  I started having regular facials/microdermabrasions and began an Obagi skin-care regimen at home.  I started seeing results immediately.  My skin was smoother & more hydrated reducing the fine lines around my eyes.  Within a couple of months, the brown spots from sun damage & melasma began to fade.  I was truly impressed and totally hooked on kai!  And after four years of great service from the experts at kai and taking good care of my skin at home every day, I can honestly say I do NOT look forty anymore.  And I don’t plan to any time soon!
-sheri ross
director of operations @ kai

About 8 years ago, I developed a small dark spot on my cheek.  After years of sun exposure, the spot became more prominent.  As an Esthetician, I have tried many different products and treatments.  Since working at kai – the medical spa, I have finally found the right combination of services and products that have worked for me.  With only 2 treatments of our intense pulsed light (IPL) and regular use of our Obagi skin care, the pigmented lesion has faded significantly.  Now with continued treatment and regular use of my sunscreen, I am confident my skin will be “wedding ready” by March.
-sonya crete
medical esthetician @ kai johns creek

kai – the medical spa has the best customer service and provide excellent care.  I own a restaurant, so I can appreciate those little things that make a difference.  The staff at kai and the owner care about me and follows up with me after my treatments to make sure that I am using my products at home properly.  My skin texture has improved greatly since coming here.  I refer all of my friends to kai.
Claudia McKendrick, Dunwoody, GA
Dear Grace,

I’m writing to thank you and Rachael for fantastic service! I received my first ever, professional massage, and it was so relaxing. I can’t imagine a nicer experience. The ambiance at your Sandy Springs location is incredible, and I was very comfortable.

I … look forward to taking advantage of more of your spa services.

Have a great week!

Nancy Collins of Citysearch

03/30/2008 Posted by weaverk

I went to Kai looking for the CosMedix line of products. Their esthnatician, Cari, was very professional and helpful in picking the right products. In fact, even though I was only looking to get the skincare products and not any spa services, Cari took me back into one of the rooms and examined my face under the lights in order to evaluate correctly and point me to the most appropriate products. I will admit, the lines they carry are not cheap but they are definitely worth the price. After using the CosMedix products for a couple of weeks now, I can say I have never had such hydrated skin. And I plan to go back and purchase the IS Hydra-Cool this week. Cari was spot on in her analysis… something which I have never had at any spa before… even after having a facial. Kudos to Kai! I’ll be back!

Pros: Cool atmosphere. Very relaxing. Friendly and Helpful Staff

Cons: None that I can think of

I am very impressed with the skin care knowledge and treatments I receive from Kai-the Medical Spa.  Prior to coming to Kai-the Medical Spa, I constantly searched for the right balance of services and   products – from day spas to dermatologists offices.  This team really understands how to apply both skin care services and products based on my specific needs. The results have been phenomenal.  Thank you, Kai! 

A. Lingerfelt

I have had great success with the treatments I received from Kai Med Spa.  I’ve done the Fraxel procedure only one time so far, but I would like to do it at least one more time.  I went for some acne scarring and acne.  I could see some small but almost immediate results and the thing about this procedure is that it continues to improve the skin over time.  So, I had the treatment done on May 19th and every week I’m noticing more and more improvements with my skin.  I’m very happy with the results and look forward to seeing what another treatment can do.  Also the staff made me feel very comfortable and they were extremely knowledgeable in what would and will work for my skin for improvements.”

Lydia Guptill

“I’ve been going to Kai – The Medical Spa since it opened. I’ve had several treatments and all have been great. My daughter comes home from college to go to Kai.

The staff is completely professional and extremely nice. I highly recommend it to all of my friends and family.”

— Eileen Ziemann

Micropeel Before and After

“Before going into Kai Medical Spa, I had tried it all and never did see the results I wanted. After 3 sessions, I could immediately start seeing progress and I started to gain confidence in myself and never looked back. I highly recommend KAI due to their superior customer service, professionalism, and good ethics towards their patients.”
— Tony, California

“I look great! People stop me and ask about my pretty skin (that has never happened before) due to the awesome laser and skin treatments I get at Kai. The staff is knowledgeable and efficient and the Doctor is innovative and gentle. I am thrilled!”
— Teri C, Atlanta

“I have been a client at Kai at the Johns Creek location since its opening. The skin care I have received from Kelly is always customized to my particular needs. I have experienced other spas in my travels to resorts all over and no true facial has compared to that which Kelly provides. It is because of her extensive skin care knowledge and her ability to tailor the treatment to the needs of the customer that I decided to ask Kelly about laser-hair removal. The process and technique used at Kai was perfect for me – painless and quick with almost no downtime. I have recommended it to anyone who will listen. It is truly one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I love the combination of treatments I receive from Kai and the quality and care Kelly shows for her clients.”
— Pamela / Johns Creek Customer

“I am glad the day I walked in the door of Kai in St. Johns Creek. I was suffering from flying 10,000 miles that week and my old hip problem had returned. It was really nice to be greeted by such a friendly bunch of people and Danica proved to be the icing on the cake. She worked on my problem area until it was almost gone, and by some switching of appointments I got another a couple of days later, this for the whole morning. The next session got me to the point where I was walking without pain, quite an achievement on her part. The whole operation is professional, worthwhile and Danica in particular has a finite knowledge which translates into marked improvements at the end of each session. When I return from my overseas trips I will continue my treatments at Kai and with Danica.”
— Bruce

“I was having some back pain after the birth of our second child and my husband gave me a gift certificate for a massage at Kai Medical Spa. At my appointment, the therapist asked me what kind of problem I was having. She spent a good bit of time discussing the possible causes of my pain and also what I could do to alleviate it. She gave me tips on things I could do other than massage to help as well. I was very impressed by her knowledge. She gave me the best massage I’ve ever had and I left feeling great. I was really surprised by how long the effects of the massage lasted. I recommend Kai to anyone who is looking for a great massage and a therapist who listens to what you are saying and is concerned about helping you.”
— Stacy / Alpharetta