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In my line of work, I am always asked the question, “How often should I get a massage?” Of course my first reply is that you should get a massage every day! Then I am asked, “Do you get a massage every day?” No, sadly I do not and even more tragic is that I own my own spas!! Then I am asked if you own your own spas and do not get a massage everyday, why not? To that, I reply “with my hectic schedule of running three locations, planning a fourth one, meeting reps from the different lines we carry and providing my clients with exceptional one on one interaction, who has the time?

Yes, time is always a factor when it comes to getting a massage and the other factor is usually money. In today’s economic climate, getting a massage everyday can become cost prohibitive for most people. How often you should get a massage is really based on the goals you have for what you want to get out of your visit.

What I mean by this is simple. What do you want to accomplish when you come in for a massage? Are you looking for a relaxing day to pamper yourself and your friends or do you have specific pain or tenderness that you would like us to address? We service clients at both ends of the spectrum as well as everywhere in between. You have seen us on T.V. pampering The Real Housewives of Atlanta with the luxury of services we provide and we also help marathon runners and cyclists who come to us two to three times a month to help with their recovery. Each of our clients is unique and each one has different needs.

After we sit down with you and determine what your needs are, we can then determine the frequency of your visits as well as the type of massage best suited for you. Usually we will mix up the massages as each type of massage is designed to address a specific need. Your life changes minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour and your massages should reflect that.

Do you want to leave with more energy or do you want to leave like you are floating out of the door? Depending on the type of massage and how your body reacts to that massage we can get you what you want. At kai the med spa, we offer over 50+ types of massages. We have the lighter touch Swedish massage; Sports massage for the athletes; Deep tissue for those tough, tight areas; a very unique Thai Herbal ball massage (this is the one that the Real Housewives did on the Bravo episode); Prenatal massage for those achy backs; Couples massage for any two persons in the same room who want to share their experience together; Back/Neck/Shoulder massage for those sitting at computers all day; Head and Scalp massage; mix and match a few different types…the possibilities are endless. You can add essential oils or add facial pressure points too in order to enhance your massage experience. Which one is right for you is determined that day during our consultation.

No matter which spa treatment you choose, the answer that I always give when asked, “How often should I get a massage?” is this. The true benefits of a massage are felt over time. Unlike a service like Fraxel, which can be seen in as little as 24 hours, massages are a holistic approach to helping your body. Take time to put together a REGULAR schedule of massages and your body will feel better in the short AND long term.

Stay tuned for my next blog wherein I will answer some of the common questions we get about massages.  For more information about kai the medical spa click on kai med spa.


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