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kai the med spa teen spa diva party

Happy Birthday Alexandra! What a great party!

Happy B-Day!!  Your party rocks!  We had a ton of fun in New York! Your the best!
Hello Alexandra,
You are absolutely Awesome!!! I <3 you soooo much!  You are the best at coming up with b-day party ideas!! You are the best person ever.
<3 Erin
P.S. I <3 you <3 ur best BFFL
Keep on cheering gurl!!
Happy Birthday Alex!
I love you <3
Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Have a Fab-O 14th!
Love, Mom
Happy Birthday Alexandra!!
We hope you had an amazing day!
The kai team
kai the med spa

Q.  What is a medical spa? Technically, it means that a medical doctor is involved with the spa.  Because the doctor is involved, we are able to offer medical/pharmaceutical grade …