Ooh, this may be a delicate question for some of you. After all, it’s only been over the last decade or so that women’s hair removal has become the topic of dinner conversations. Since we have more and more men approaching us about ridding themselves of unwanted hair, this seems like a good subject for a Question of the Week.

Hair can be removed in a variety of ways, but here at Kai we use two popular methods: waxing and laser therapy.

1. Waxing

To remove hair with wax, we apply warm wax to the spot of hair you want removed and then pull off the wax with a quick whisking motion.

Pros: inexpensive, quick, effective on all hair colors, little recovery, safe for most skin types

Cons: not permanent; requires regular maintenance for desired effect


2. Lasers

Laser therapy involves first numbing the skin in the area of unwanted hair, and then shooting a laser beam at the hair follicles to render them useless. This procedure can take 6 -8 treatments to completely eliminate hair.

Pros: permanent, eliminates the need to shave or wax

Cons: multiple treatments over the course of 6-12 months, can be expensive, does not work on all hair colors, possible skin reactions


Bottom line:

Many guys have hair that they want removed. Common problem spots are the back or chest, but did you know that many men are now getting parts or all of their face lasered? For men who have no interest in facial hair or just want to remove problem spots (neck or chin or cheek area), hair removal is rising in popularity. Many men have tough beards prone to skin irritation from daily shaving or a propensity to get ingrown hair, and laser hair removal can be a godsend. We would be happy to give you a free consultation and let you know what might work best for you.