Many of you are asking, “How often should I use this…or how often should I do that?” So let me break it down.  Here is a basic outline of what I would tell my clients.  Please keep in mind this is a basic guideline and if you have a specific skin condition this may be more or less.

wash face

How often should you wash your face?
2 times a day is ideal.  If you over wash you can strip your skin of natural oils.  Always wash for a minimum of 45 seconds to make sure you are actually cleaning all the impurities off of your skin. It is also important to wash your face with warm (not hot) water.  This will help open your pores for a deeper clean. Also, cleansing your skin more than twice a day can strip your skin of its natural oils and can actually cause your skin to produce MORE oil. Even if you are prone to breakouts or have super oily skin you should still only wash your face morning and night.


How often should you exfoliate?
2-3 times a week.  If you over exfoliate you can actually cause small scratches on your skin which can result in hyperpigmentation (little brown spots).  Try to stay away from scrubs that contain harsh exfoliants such as crushed walnuts, especially if you have sensitive skin.    Try to choose a exfoliant that is an enzyme.  Like Cosmedix pure enzymes


How often should you wear sunscreen?
Every day.  Even if you do not plan on going outside you can still get sun damage through car and house windows. EVERY DAY!!!  If you are outside for long periods of time, it is also important to re-apply!!


How often should you clean your makeup brushes?
At least once a month.

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly will extend the shelf life of your makeup and help prevent the spread of bacteria, which can cause nasty side effects such as eye infections, acne and skin irritation. Learn how to proplerly clean your brushes here:

Hope this is helpful!!