Christin Burdette is a Master Lash Artist, Lash Trainer & Professional Makeup Artist with Jane Iredale.  She joins the team at Kai with more than eight years of fashion, mineral makeup and eyelash extension experience.  Her clients range from high profile entertainers, NFL cheerleaders, executives to time-constrained moms.  She had worked exclusively with Jane Iredale for the past seven years, and we are delighted to host a guest blog so that she can talk about her innovative eyelash extensions & soon to come makeup tips & tricks.

Client: How long do lash extensions last?

Chris10: A full set of lash extensions usually lasts about a month. For someone maintaining them I recommend you come for a relash every 3 weeks to keep them full and fluffy. Some just come to me a couple of times a year for full sets each time for events, etc. If you like them, the most cost effective way is to leave them on and not have to pay for full sets several times a year.

I love educating so here goes…

Just like the hair on our head, our lashes shed & regrow. We typically shed 20-30 lashes, per eye, per month (for the first few sets you consistently wear).

Everyday when your lashes are exposed to mascara (even the best quality and most pure products like I use & recommend, Jane Iredale) the lashes are traumatized. The act of applying the mascara daily or often causes lashes to shed prematurely. The mascara being left on all day dry the lashes out to keep them in place. Then, possibly the most traumatic part of the day for your lashes is the removal process in the evenings. With Jane Iredale all of our clients own Magic Mitts which remove
all of your makeup (even waterproof mascara and liner) with just the soft mitt & water. This is the best method to removing mascara but not everyone uses a magic mitt, unfortunately. The most common are oil based makeup removers which can be too heavy if any is left on the lashes overnight and not rinsed and removed properly.

With that being said… It does usually take your natural lashes a couple of months to get very full and healthy again after your first set has been applied. This is why, for best results, I like to see you every 3 weeks for the first 3 months. After that 3 month period you start to shed less & your lashes last longer & look more full at all times!

No mascara is needed and most do not even feel like they need eyeliner.

A long answer to a simple question! Knowledge & understanding the process is very helpful in understanding if lash extensions are a fit for someone’s lifestyle!